Looping up and down in a wave of fractionation!

Follow Mistress Amethyst‘s soft voice and let her lead you into a deep state of trance, using fractionation and two of her favorite triggers: Countdown & Deep. She will use them over and over again and leave you floating in her hypnotic waves of erotic trance. 

The Fractionation Loop

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Short description:

Using two of her triggers, Mistress Amethyst will drop you deep and then count you up into a lighter state before dropping you back down again. Experience her waves of erotic trance and pleasure and feel your arousal increasing more and more with each loop.

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Let me take you up & down in a wave of fractionation hypnosis.

In this erotic hypnosis loop, I will lead you into a deep state of trance using the Countdown trigger as well as the DEEP trigger. I know how you boys just love to follow my voice. I will count you up to a lighter state before dropping you back down again using my beautiful triggers. Each time that you drop back down into trance, you will go deeper than the time before. Each time, your arousal will become stronger than before.

I will use my triggers over and over again, whichever way I please. Completely at my mercy, you will find yourself looping up and down in a wave of erotic trance.

Please Note: Loops are meant to be played on repeat over & over, OR as an addition to a full length recording, so there is not a formal induction.

Create your own hypnotic experience!

Either stack the loops in an order of your choice OR create a loop playlist and hit random!

Possible ways to use a playlist:
A) Put all the loops in a playlist and roll the dice (1). Whatever # you get is the # of loops that you will listen to. If you get 1, roll again to see how many time you will listen to that 1 loop. If you get 3, then you will only listen to the first 3 loops that play at random. Will an orgasm be part of it? Or will you end the game with blue balls?

B) Create a play list where you duplicate the titles. You might have The Cum for Amethyst Loop or any of the arousal building loops in there multiple times so that it comes up more than once.


This erotic hypnosis loop contains the following features:

  • 10-1 countdown
  • Deep & Countdown Trigger
  • Fractionation (taking you up & down in trance)
  • Double voice tracks
  • Loop: No formal induction included


Mistress Amethyst’s Deep and Countdown Triggers are introduced in her erotic hypnosis MP3 Milk & Honey and Amethyst Countdown.

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  1. Rodimus

    Drift in and out

    An excellent roller coaster ride of a loop. So much up and down out of and into trance. It’s incredibly fun and reinforces some of Mistress Amethyst’s triggers. I’d say it’s definitely a good choice to either mix in with other loops, stack it before a normal session for a deeper experience, or even just loop on its own for a little. Very worth getting.

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