Feminiziation that will turn you from male to female (mtf)

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Feminization & MFT (male to female) Hypnosis

Find the perfect hypnosis to free your inner girl. Have you always wondered what it feels like to become a woman? To be feminized? Wearing beautiful and sexy female underwear? Our erotic feminization MP3 will give you a completely new feeling of your body and your mind. You will be turned into a wonderful and feminine woman.

These sex changing hypnosis files will induce a transformation of your body and your mind! Yes, your mind will be molded into sensual femininity. Experience a complete sex change, just by letting go and accepting you inner femininity. With our hypnosis MP3 you can experience what it feels like to have a female orgasm or you can let go of all your inner restrictions that prevent you from behaving like a true woman.

Let got of your masculinity and welcome your new femininity. This is for all the crossdressers, transgenders, drag-queens, sissies and men who want to find out what it feels like to be a woman.


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