Enthralled by the Flame of Lust…

Go under for Mistress Amethyst and become progressively more aroused as you do. Sink down into the sound of her voice and feel that tingle of pleasure… that gentle flame of arousal starting to burn. Sink deep into the flame… and become more and more entranced by the consuming flame of lust. Feel how your mind fills up with erotic fantasies of submission and feed the fire by refraining from touching yourself!

Feed the Fire

Short description:

Drop deep into Mistress Amethyst’s words and become enthralled by the all consuming flame of lust. Every time you refrain from stroking, you’ll be feeding the fire… Increasing your desire to be hypnotized and dominated…

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Surrender to the Flames of Lust

As I hypnotize you, you will find yourself enthralled by the flame of lust. As it glows brighter, little flickers of thought and awareness may spark off and away, causing your mind to refocus and sink into my words and deeper into the heat.

Every time your mind feels the sharp clarity of your arousal, the exciting touch of my voice feeding the blaze, you can let go even more and sink deep into the flame. Follow me down, slave*, and become more entranced by the progressive, all consuming flame of lust.

Feed the fire and notice your mind filling with erotic fantasies of submission. Every time you refrain from stroking; every time you don’t touch, you’ll be feeding the fire and giving more of yourself to your core desire; the need to be hypnotized and dominated, to be entranced and influenced, to let go of everything.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • Themes:  Tease & Denial, Arousal, Mild Chastity (refrain until Stroke The Flames is released)
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper background tracks carefully written & performed
  • Delta Brainwaves
  • Gender Specific: Male
  • Triggers Used:  Feed The Fire, Lust, and subtle use of Deep, Down
  • No Finger Snaps
  • No Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands
  • No Amnesia Suggestions
  • No Fractionation
  • No Humiliation
  • No Cum Command
  • Awakening Command
  • Mild Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress – “Stroke The Flames” will be the next title in the series.


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. Erotic-Hypnosis.com and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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