Helpless and completely under her Control

NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!

In this French erotic hypnosis, Calice will render you completely helpless and unable to move. Experience how she traps you in her blissful soothing trance and enjoy her control, as she plays with you – her helpless little toy. You will not only get to know true excitement, pleasure and ecstasy… You will become the excitement. You will be the pleasure. And you will be the sensation of pure ecstasy.

Delicious Agony

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Short description:

In this intense mindfuck, you will experience pleasure and pain. Peaceful heaviness and blissful mindlessness. In the end, Calice will leave you in a state of pure ecstasy.

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“Delicieuse Agonie” – A French Mindfuck by Calice… dark and poetic!

3 drops are enough – 3 drops of a very powerful venom can poison the mind of a man, make him completely crazy, make him lose all control.

In this hypnosis, there is no poison, no precious liquid to poison your thoughts. Yet, it is my words, my voice that are poisonous, my words that bewitch your spirit so that you are mine. And this venom will infiltrate your veins, travel up through your arteries, paralyze your body and take full control of your mind. A slow and languorous climb …

First, you will feel a peaceful heaviness as a blissful numbness settles and spreads throughout your body. Once your body and conscious mind are completely relaxed, I will bind you hypnotically and you will not be able to move anymore. The body falls asleep … and the mind shakes, trapped. Like a spider, I’m going to weave a trance in which your mind is going be trapped… and the more you struggle, the more you’ll fall into this exquisite trap and I’ll make you whatever I want.

I’m going to create such a state of confusion in your mind that you’ll feel completely helpless, that you’ll let go and you’ll lose control, you’ll be overwhelmed with feelings, sensations and desire.

In this erotic hypnosis, I cannot really promise you that the sensations will always be nice … it’s true, I may play a little bit with you. Tease you, push your senses to their limits, juggle your feelings, give you hot and cold sensations, make you moan or scream with pleasure … just to entertain me.

I will experiment some things on you. I will be the capricious little girl who takes pleasure in torturing her new little toys. Oh don’t worry, I’ll only go so far – it will still be bearable for you. Where the pain meets the pleasure, where it’s really exciting to lose control.

And when I’m done with you, I’ll make you experience a state of pure ecstasy. I am going to implant an ultimate confusion in your mind – A delicious sensation of not understanding anything and a strange feeling of not really knowing who you are. This feeling of abandonment when you are the whole and the nothing where you become the sensations. In this state, you do not feel the excitement, you are the excitement, you do not feel the desire, you are the desire … You do not feel the pleasure, you are the pleasure! You become the sensation of ecstasy in its purest expression.

So, will you dare to try?


This French erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!
  • Multi voice effects and ASMR to help you to enter deeply into this experience
  • You will experience intense confusion and be very submissive to my suggestions and obedient to my words
  • You will feel the feeling of being tied up hypnotically and not being able to move
  • You will feel a strong desire for me and you will love it
  • Strong teasing and real mindfuck!
  • Use of pleasurable triggers and a pleasurable pain trigger, perfectly adjusted to what is enjoyable and comfortable for you
  • You will experience a nice feeling of forgetting who you are and will become the sensation of ecstasy
  • All effects and hypnotic triggers only last for the duration of this hypnosis
  • After you finished listening to this session, the suggestions will fade and you will return back to your normal self

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  1. Kastor

    Délicieuse indeed

    (verified owner)

    La voix chaude et sensuelle de Calice vous entraîne irrémédiablement dans un univers de plaisir à couper le souffle. Le script envoûtant fait monter le tempo graduellement jusqu’à l’extase totale. Je suis tienne Calice l’ensorceleuse

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  2. Léo R

    Un voyage divin

    Par sa sublime voix, Calice m’a transporté pour un voyage à la découverte de mes sens et de mon inconscient. Une guide exceptionnelle pour une excursion inoubliable. Je recommande vivement cet audio à tous les curieux souhaitant découvrir plus profondément leur monde intérieur.

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  3. Michael

    Quelle immense fantasme!

    (verified owner)

    CALICE est une vraie meilleuse Divine hypnotique dans le monde pour moi!!
    Ses audios m’a réveillé et contrôlé parfaitement. Je peux me sentir immense désir exitant grâce à eux…!
    Par cette nouvelle création , je suis déjà ton garçon obéissant!
    Je te encore remercie ma CALICE et je vais attendre ton autre audio avec tout mon coeur…

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