Enjoy sucking Cock more and more!

This intense recording is made up of multiple audio tracks that will make you enjoy sucking cock more and more. Lean back, relax, lose yourself in your Master’s voice and pleasure yourself to his words.

Cocksucker Conditioning

Short description:

This recording is packed with numerous audio tracks leaving you hungry to suck cock. Over time, you will crave sucking cock more and more. Turning into the good little cock slut that you’ve always wanted to be.

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Erase your resistance. Crave Cock. Obey Cock.

This erotic hypnosis file is something very special. It has over 20 different audio tracks in total, 3D audio going left and right in your ears if you are using headphones, soft music and binaural beats.

There is no “main” audio track, meaning that this file is truly a hypnotic journey through a brainwashing soundscape. Each track carries my voice saying different things. There is no “main” induction either. How deep you go depends on how conditioned by the sounds you are going to become.

The main themes are very clear though: the file starts out with soft sounds meant to relax and ease you into the journey. It moves to an introductory sleep hypnosis to completely switch off your conscious mind and prepare you for the main focus of the hypnosis: cocksucker brainwashing.

As the file continues, more and more tracks about wanting to suck cock, craving cock, obeying cock etc. pop up, each more persuasive than the last and each meant to erase your resistance a little bit more, making you crave cock like the good cock sucking boy that you love to be.

The file is very long to make sure you can take your time in your conditioning to adequately pleasure yourself and become lost in my words. Along with cock brainwashing there’s also a little bit of slave* hypnosis, wanting to obey and serve your Master, and pleasure hypnosis, making you stroke it for me.

There is no direct orgasm command but I made sure to include multiple countdowns and some finger snapping so that you may cum whenever you are ready. After you climax, the file slowly drifts back into the initial soft tone it had, allowing you to relax and doze off to sleep in the aftermath.

This is probably one of the longest and most powerful files I’ve ever made but there’s no lasting suggestions: it’s meant as a long and intense experience after which you’ll fall asleep and wake up completely refreshed.

Obviously, over time, the file will make you enjoy sucking cock more and more – You really should avoid this file if this isn’t something you are already looking for.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • This recording contains a very intense soundscape made of 20+ audio tracks, 3D audio, binaural beats and soft background music
  • There is no wake up at the end – The file is meant to make you cum and then have you drift off to sleep
  • Best used if you are looking for: an intense mind escape with lots and lots of cocksucker conditioning
  • This file will obviously make you enjoy sucking cock more as a natural post-hypnotic side effect
  • You should avoid it if you don’t already enjoy doing it or aren’t curious about the idea
  • Triggers you will find include: cocksucker brainwashing, some slave* hypnosis, losing control, feeling submissive, mindless, obedient, making you my little cock slut and more


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. Erotic-Hypnosis.com and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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