Slutty Maid – Your Cock Addiction!

Beware: This part of Dark Freya‘s “Slutty Maid” series, will leave you completely addicted to cock. After listening, you will crave for cock. Cock in your mouth; cock in your ass! And there is no turning back!

Slutty Maid 3 – Cockslut training

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Short description:

This part of “Slutty Maid” will be your total conversion into a completely submissive and obedient little maid. You’ll be completely feminized inside and out. All your masculinity will be erased – Only one thought will be left: Being filled with cock!

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Slutty Maid Three – Cockslut Training

Warning: This FemDom BDSM experience is pure mind porn and should only be listend to by very submissive listeners that are into cuckolding, serving and humiliation.

You are interested in becoming my slutty maid again? In this session, you will be trained to be used like a proper little bitch by my slave girls. That’s right, in this recording you will be trained and conditioned to take a strap-on like a good little slut. In your mouth and in your ass!

My slave girl has also invited two other girls, and together they will train you and condition you to crave being filled, so that you will become an even better maid, deeply craving to serve your betters with all your holes.

That’s right, they will train you with their strap ons, and once they’re done, you will want to be filled. You will also get a new trigger that you can use to get you back in this state of desperate need and heat, where all you can think about is being used, being filled, and being fucked.

The question is – are you ready to take the next step for me? Do you dare to become an even better slutty little maid for me? You do? Then take your maid training to the next level now!


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Spit-roasting – You will feel her strap-on in your mouth and back!
  • Sets the Cockslut Trigger that will make you crave beeing filled in all your holes
  • You will become completely addicted to cock after a while
  • Includes the Slutty Maid Trigger from part 1
  • Listening to Slutty Maid 1 & 2 is not required to enjoy this hypnosis!

View Dark Freya’s previous recordings in this hypnosis series: Slutty Maid 1 and Slutty Maid 2.


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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  1. Question

    Recently Arianna and also I was talking and also I was mosting likely to transform the way she welcomed me.
    She did greet me on knees curved ahead with arms extended
    out face down. I instructed her I now desired slave position # 2
    The exact same however facing away from me hands
    on ass dispersing apart.

    In the first placement she really felt a lot more like a slave and also explained while
    because setting she had a big grin on her face since I was residence,
    and she might not wait to see me. After we talked I made that modification.
    It truly makes Arianna pleased to kneel as well as wait for me to go through
    the door.

    This is not when she really feels like it, the greeting is everyday.
    I anticipate no less from my Slave. While leash training when you are talking all eyes ought to be on you (bondage with belt).
    You can tell when somebody is paying attention as well as when they are not as well as you make the corrections with a slight pull on the Leash.

    People took pictures however nobody claimed anything.
    I did not truly expect any type of comments, but throughout bike week I have actually seen way crazier shit than some bitch wearing a collar as well as chain. You may not wish to be seen in public, which is great.

    I have not giving much idea to training Arianna with a Leash.

    I have offering it some believed in the past, and also I may quite possibly below
    in the future. The Collar once put about their neck gives them
    a sensation of being complete. They have worked so difficult to earn. They have offering much more in 6 months to a year than they have ever providing.
    bondage belt tutorial.

    There is means greater than simply the sensation of being possessed.
    Then you include the Leash. You the Dominant are currently completely
    control. If the Servant or Submissive remains in the right attitude it will take
    them locations they have actually never ever been before.
    Overall power exchange. They currently recognize they should adhere to without doubt.

    Read More Bondage With BeltUsed every day they will certainly
    quickly adapt, as well as will probably welcome the Leash when you bring
    it out. Something you never utilize is a choker
    collar, never, never ever, never ever (b&w bondage porn belt around neck).
    Believe me it places them in a various location. Hey examine
    out my friend on facebook she has a remarkable team.

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  2. One person found this helpful


    Hiya ♥

    I would like to know something – in the suggestions, there is this: “You will become completely addicted to cock after a while”

    But is that supposed to be only when triggered by the cockslut trigger, or in general in our daily life?

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  3. moruobai

    Mixes fantasy and reality, compels slutty behavior

    (verified owner)

    This file is an erotic story / fantasy that later turns into … something more. Thinking about your own sexual memories, perhaps they feel both pleasurable and distant? For me, the fantasy in this hypnosis feels just like that–pleasurable and distant–the details are foggy and it doesn’t match the intensity of some experiences… but it feels like it could have happened in the past. I also have a noticeably increased craving to have my holes filled… which is kind of fun 😮

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  4. One person found this helpful


    (verified owner)

    Hello Mistress as a slutty but hetro male I loved your 1st and 3rd files and am not too keen on your 3rd, are you going to make a 5th with all females dominating.
    I would love to be the main attraction in a pegging party, perhaps serving an ex as her humiliated bitch.

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    • One person found this helpful

      Mistress is the absolute Alpha Female Dominate Goddess this lil bitchboy seeks for a cuckoldress , wife , owner an user

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    • One person found this helpful

      (verified owner)

      Hello Mistress, you have the most seductive voice that I have ever heard. I loved your slutty maid files 1 and 3, I’m not really interested in serving a male as in slutty maid 4. I would love to finally serve you Mistress and your female friends at a pegging party that includes female co workers from work, permanently trapping me in role as a submissive bitch to any woman who wishes to use me as she sees fit.
      Peter G

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