Without cock on your mind there will be no orgasm!

After this erotic hypnosis, it will be impossible for you fo experience an orgasm without looking at, visualizing or fantasizing about dick. Your eyes happen to stray away to pussy? Then forget about having an orgasm! You will have to start over and work yourself back up again with more cock!

Warning: This file will change your sexuality. It will give you a deep and permanent desire for cock.


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For the next three weeks, you will be unable to have an orgasm, unless there’s cock on your mind! No matter if you watch porn or  fantasize about it – Fill your mind with cocks and experience pleasure and mind blowing orgasms.

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Are you ready for three interesting weeks?

This is a three week conditioning file to create a desire for cock within you. And yet it’s a bit different. It won’t tell you that you desire cock. Not at all.

It will simply make it impossible to have an orgasm without filling your mind with dick. It doesn’t even matter how. You can visualize dick, you can fantasize about dick, you can crave dick. You can also look at dicks in picture or porn. Just make sure your eyes don’t stray to pussy or your orgasm will slip away into the far distance. And then you have to work yourself back up again while looking at more cock.

Whatever you do within the three weeks, you will condition yourself for cock . Either you refuse to imagine them and stay horny and frustrated – in which case you will associate this frustration with your refusal of cocks. Or you will fill your mind with cocks while experiencing pleasure and mind blowing orgasms. In either case – you will change.

This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • For three weeks you will only be able to orgasm while filling your mind with cocks
  • You can visualize and fantasize about them or look at pictures or porn
  • Without cock on your mind there will be no orgasm

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