Tease and denial Hypnosis - First they'll make you horny and then they won't let you cum

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Tease and Denial Hypnosis

You love to be denied? You like the thought of being unable to cum? This is a complete new way of orgasm control. First you will be teased, wich will make you so horny that you're almost about to explode, and then - you're denied. Yes, that's right. You will be denied to cum. 

Don't mix these hypnosis up with our chastity hypnoses.

A tease & denial hypnosis will make you crave to cum. But it's so good, if you just must not have an orgasm. These MP3 are especially for men who love orgasm control by a female dominant. They also work as a great chastity tease if your a dominant woman and would love to thrill your submissive toy with our hypnosis-MP3.

Maybe you are already wearing a (hypnotic) chastity belt and love the thought of total denial, but also love the sweet humiliation of being teased until you've got some „blue balls“ hanging between your chaste legs? Whatever your reasons are… if you like the thought of being totally aroused, while kept in chastity. These erotic hypnosis MP3 will fulfill your kinky dreams!

Here you will find all of our tease & denial hypnosis MP3 in one spot:

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