Chastity and Hypnosis
Chastity and Hypnosis

Chastity through Erotic Hypnosis!

More and more men wish to be kept in chastity by their partner, mistress or master. Which comes to no surprise, as being locked in chastity can be an intense sexual kick for both sides. It can intensify your sex drive and can be a special kind of thrill – especially for bottoms or men with a submissive tendency.

In our erotic hypnosis repertoire we have many chastity hypnosis sessions that will help you to live this kink in multiple different ways.
From hypnotic chastity belts to tease and denial fantasies, we provide a large range of erotic hypnosis MP3 that will help you to live chaste.

But be careful and try to start with a hypnosis session that will only put you in chastity temporarily, for a short period of time. Some of our hypnosis MP3 will give you the suggestion of permanent chastity that is not reversible. You should be aware of the consequences this can (and will) bring for your sexual future. Living in chastity for someone (a partner or a dominant) is a way of life that will change you. So try it for a short time before you give up your sexuality completely.

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The most important Things about Chastity

Living in chastity by using chastity-hypnosis
What is Male Chastity? Get to know more about the popular Fetish

Hearing the word chastity makes us think of history and the old stories about women forced to wear chastity devices to make sure they kept themselves for their husbands. Once locked up in the large, heavy metal cages, they would not have a way to remove themselves from these locks.

Modern chastity is completely different, but the main point remains the same: refraining from sexual intercourse. Today, chastity is often part of SM and BDSM. This practice perfectly fits in D/s play and there are many different ways to integrate chastity into a relationship.

Giving someone else the keys to your sexuality and losing sexual control is the main and most exciting part of this. It can happen by being forced to wear a chastity belt or penis cage or through orgasm denial.

This often results in a bottom/top dynamic of submissive and dominant or mistress/master. One partner – the dominant and/or keyholder – has the control over the sexual activities of the other person – the submissive – and decides when the sub will get to experience sexual pleasure and relief. The submissive partner is following commands and doing everything to please his or her dominant.

Once you wear a chastity belt, your temptation will keep growing, making you more and more aroused, more willing to do whatever it takes, whatever your partner asks, just to finally get a little release. If you do finally get permission to reach the actual point of climax, your orgasm will be more explosive and intense than ever before.

How to find the perfect Chastity Cage?

For many men, the actual implementation can be a bit tricky. The number of chastity belts or cages available is very large and quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. On top of that, finding the perfectly fitting chastity belt can often times seem impossible and end in numerous frustrating, uncomfortable or even painful experiences that can be very discouraging. 

Not buying a chastity belt, however, is often times not an option either. Many fall back to old habits and can’t resist the urge to touch themselves and masturbate, even if their partner has ordered them not to. 

how to find the best chastity device
Finding the best chastity device can be difficult

Which is the best Material for a Chastity Device?

How much to invest for a good Chastity Belt?

Erotic Hypnosis to stay chaste
Erotic Hypnosis to stay chaste? - It works!

Generally, you should be able to find something for about $150-200. Most times, it’s probably not the best idea to go for cheaper than $100. Physical chastity belts need to be researched well and should fit perfectly to prevent any discomfort, sores or accidents.

Hypnotic chastity starts at only 35$ – This can be a simple and affordable way to get a first taste of living chaste. Maybe you like it and decide to get a physical chastity belt, maybe you decide to stick with hypnotic chastity. Whichever way you prefer.  

Chastity Hypnosis - The best & easiest Way to stay chaste!

Our chastity hypnoses solve many of the mentioned problems. These powerful sessions are affordable and have limitless possibilities. They can inhibit orgasms, stop masturbation, or even make it impossible to have an erection, if wanted or necessary. You will receive a mental blockade that prevents your orgasm, either permanently, for a set period of time or if there’s no permission from your partner, for example. The chosen person will become the „mental keyholder“ – giving them complete power over your orgasms.

The best part: One size fits all! No need to spend hours trying to find the perfect material, shape or size. Hypnotic chastity will also never show under your clothes – it doesn’t even show when naked! – there will be no pinch or itch during your workouts and it will not be in the way of your personal hygiene habits.

Erotic Hypnosis is a perfect tool to bring people into a state of arousal. BUT, it can also be used perfectly to achieve exactly the opposite. In our chastity sessions, erotic hypnosis is used to control or repress your sexual arousal and/or, depending on the session, to build and increase lust, pleasure and excitement through that.

You can use erotic femdom chastity hypnosis MP3 to add an exciting new spark to your relationship, to spice up the fun with your partner, mistress or master, or enjoy it even if you are single, to experience intense femdom chastity fantasies as if they were real. 

The hypnosis MP3 in this category may leave you incredibly horny, but one things is for sure:  You will not experience an orgasm in any of them!

Chastity Hypnosis that helps you to stay chaste
Chastity Hypnosis will force you to stay chaste without wearing a real chastity belt

Who should listen to Chastity Hypnosis?

How to stay chaste and not masturbate
Fight the Urge - Erotic Hypnosis can help

Our chastity hypnoses are suitable for beginners, who would like to experiment with chastity for the first time, as well as people, who already have knowledge and „hands on“ experience with chastity. Maybe you are already living chaste and are looking for a new, different and better way to ensure your chastity. Either way, feel free to browse through the continuously growing collection in our shop.

Each of our sessions has a in depth description that gives you full insight of what awaits you. Each page also features a player with a free short sample to give you a little taste of what the hypnotist and/or hypnosis sounds like. This way, you can chose the session that perfectly fits your taste, needs and expectations.

Here's our most popular Chastity Hypnosis Sessions for Beginners:

Permanent Chastity through Erotic Hypnosis

Experience permanent chastity through hypnosis
A life in permanent chastity

How will permeant chastity chance the behaviour of men?

You know men, don’t´t you? Of course. They are harsh, rude and always full of hormones. Using chastity can help to tame you husband and help him to concentrate on the really imported thing in life. Not only his dick.  …

Please be aware, that the suggestions in our hypnosis sessions should be taken serious. Carefully read the descriptions and make sure you are ready for irreversible chastity and intense orgasm control. Once the hypnosis works this means game over for your dick and you will have to remain chaste and tame for the rest of your life.

Experience intense Orgasm Control!

You want to find out what it feels like to wear a chastity belt? To have your orgasms controlled by your partner, wife, dominant or mistress? Our hypnotic chastity cage sessions will make sure to make your mind explode, while your body will not be able to.

Closely related sexual practices or kinks that you will also find in our shop are orgasm control, orgasm denial, and tease and denial. Of course, all our sessions will have these mentioned in the descriptions, if they are included in the specific sessions.

Orgasm Control
Experience intense Orgasm Control through Erotic Hypnosis

Tease and Denial - At the Edge of Orgasm, Again and Again!

Tease and Denial describes a sexual practice in which one partner is teased sexually and continuously brought to the brink of orgasm and then denied to climax. It is very closely related with edging and can be used to intensify sexual pleasure.