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CALICE - Erotic Hypnosis in French

Who am I? The voice of pleasure …

There is an infinite and limitless world … a world where the false creates the true, a world where a thought creates a reality, a world where every word, every sound, every silence creates a sensation in the body.

This world is hidden inside you. And if you invite me to enter your intimacy, I will show you the way to get there.

My name is Calice and I am here to guide you through the meanders of your mind in order to allow you to explore your envies, live your most secret desires, experience your most intimate fantasies.

Just like a light breeze, like a hot summer wind, you can feel my voice caressing you, yet I am not really there. I am the voice, I am the words, I am the sentences, I am the sounds. I am an intention, a proposal to make you live an incredible erotic and sensual journey.

Friend, lover, mistress, muse or fantasy … I am all the women and none of them at the same time.

Sometimes, we will play together and I will be one of the protagonists of our erotic game. I will be the one your thoughts imagine and draw … I could be a person you know, an unknown or a stranger … I could be at each meeting the same person or at each occasion a different person. At other times, my presence will fade a little and my voice will become a murmur, a color, a shiver, a breath, a vibration, a sensation … I will disappear completely to melt into the adventure, so that only you remain … and the pleasure.

Pleasure …
An exploration, a journey, an adventure


According to some legends, the Chalice, or Holy Grail is a mythical cup with powerful powers. For centuries many men have gone in search of it without being able to find it …

And if this quest was none other than a personal exploration?
The exploration of the power of words and thoughts, of sensations, of ecstasy and pleasure!

Excitement, sensuality, desires … The exploration of your sexuality is one of the most exciting and rewarding personal adventure. It allows you to explore your desires, to know you better, to play with your senses and to enjoy the most intense sensations. This exploration is a journey, an adventure. In the hypnotic experiences that I propose to you, you will be able to go a little further in this exploration.

And if you drink my words, I will guide you in this quest for pleasure… As for every trip you need a transport. Our transport? An intention … words … my voice.

During this adventure, you will always remain the captain of the ship and you will decide as you wish the depth and intensity of the experience. You can decide to follow the direction that I propose to you or you can also turn the rudder slightly and adjust the destination so that it corresponds to what you really want. And my breath, my whisperings will guide you in this experience so that you can go in the direction that is really interesting, stimulating and exhilarating for you. In the journey to pleasure, there is only one rule: enjoy!

So, are you ready to experience all of this?

Lady Calice - French Erotic Hypnosis

The Voice of Pleasure

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