Find complete freedom of all thoughts and time!

In this erotic FemDom hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst will show you complete freedom. Follow her whispers deep down into a seemingly bottomless hypnotic trance. You will feel all your stress, tension and thoughts disappear more and more as you drop deeper and deeper. 

SLIP into Bottomless Trance

Short description:

Deep down, at the edge of sleep, you will find total freedom – Freedom of any thoughts. Get lost in time, relax and follow Mistress Amethyst’s calming voice as she guides you through this bottomless trance. SLIP deep and find complete freedom!

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SLIP away and get completely lost in my voice.

Sometimes, all you want to do is to get away from your day to day life. Escape the day and get completely lost in my voice. It will feel as if the world will fade away, worries will slip away from your mind, tension will disappear, and absolute hypnotic pleasure will take over. You’ve probably wondered if there is a bottom to trance. Surely, the deeper you explore, the more pleasure you will feel.

That’s where I’m going to take you in this FemDom recording; in search of the bottom – the absolute depth of trance, but you never find it. There is always another universe of depth waiting for you next time to be explored. Just follow my words and let go.

Complete freedom can be found deep down, at the cusp of sleep. Freedom from time, as time disappears. Freedom from thoughts, as thoughts fade out. All that remains is pure pleasure and the faint whispers of my voice.

Before listening to this audio, please listen to my free MP3 SLIP Into Mindlessness to deeply program the SLIP Trigger within your mind. This trigger primes your mind so that any hypnotic programming that I give to you, will become more deeply absorbed.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following features:

  • SLIP Trigger
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Delta brainwave tones
  • No count up at the end
  • No erotic content or cum command

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