Blissful Mental Silence & Deep Trance

Two words make up a powerful hypnotic trigger that Mistress Amethyst loves using on you. These two words have a place deep in your subconscious mind. When you hear these words, a wave of emptiness washes through you. Quieting your mind. Turning off your thoughts. Annihilating your consciousness in soft irresistible darkness. When she triggers you to BLACK OUT,  your conscious mind shuts down, it goes completely black and quiet. Are you ready to sink down into blissful mental silence and wonderful deep trance?

Black Out Annihilation

Short description:

Experience how waves of emptiness wash through your mind, leaving it completely black and quiet. Enjoy how Mistress Amethyst’s words make you sink down into deep trance and blissful mental silence.

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A Hypno-Fetishist’s Dream Session

It’s natural for the mind to gradually float back up, from a deep level, after a certain period of time. Even though this will not be a fractionation session, there will be elements of floating up and then plunging back down, merely from the natural pull upwards that can occur within natural trance.

Once you’ve been triggered, you will receive training on becoming a submissive slave, then BLACK OUT again, until your mind has been completely annihilated!


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • Themes: Femdom, Erotic Hypnosis, Trigger Training, Layered Whispers, Empty Mind, Mindlessness
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track
  • Brainwaves – Gradually down to 4 Hz
  • Not Gender Specific
  • Triggers Used: Black Out, Deep, Down
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Command
  • Awakening Command
  • No Amnesia Suggestions
  • No Fractionation
  • No Finger Snaps
  • No Humiliation
  • No Cum Command
  • No Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress

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