You are Her Toy – Obey!

As Mistress Amethyst‘s toy, you are subject to her mood. No matter what she feels like. You have no desires of your own. Your only wish is to please and obey your Mistress!

Play Toy

Short description:

Toys have no will or desires of their own. Toys merely obey! Become Mistress Amethyst’s toy and accept that your sole purpose is to serve and please her!

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Mistress Is Ready To Play!

Oh how I love to rev you up and take you down. Fortunately, I’ve turned you into my toy, and toys have no will or desires of their own. Toys merely obey!

You are subject to my mood, which means that our playtime may shift gears or change suddenly, based on my mood. Just when you’re all revved up and ready to cum, you may find yourself dropped back down with the snap of fingers and a hypnotic trigger. Mmm Hmmmm, this amuses Mistress.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • Themes: Femdom, Layered Whispers, Submissive Toy , Submission, Deep Trance, Tease & Denial (T&D), JOI
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track:  Yes
  • Brainwaves:  Yes – Isochronic Beats gradually reducing to 4 Hz
  • Gender Specific: Yes – refers to stroking, edging, and “cock”.
  • Triggers Used: Subtle use of:  Sleep, Deep, Down, Fade Out, Black Out
  • Finger Snaps:  Yes
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands:  Yes but mild – focused on Obedience
  • Amnesia Suggestions:  No
  • Fractionation:  Yes
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Cum Command: No
  • Subliminal Messages – No
  • Awakening Command:  Yes – Count up
  • Post-Hypnotic Task – Yes, regarding edging and a post-hypnotic implanted desire
  • Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress:  No
  • Background Music Title:  “Ambient 1 – 2017”

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