Surrender to Mistress Amethyst, the Succubus

In this erotic fantasy hypnosis, you will get to know Mistress Amethyst’s true identity: A hungry succubus. She lures you into trance, to finally get to feed on all your sexual and orgasmic energy! To you, it will all just feel like a dream…

The Taking

Short description:

Mistress Amethyst, a hot and hungry succubus. You, completely frozen and immobile, will have your orgasms sucked right out of you, over and over again. Let her feed on your sexual energy! She will drain you dry!

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Draining you of your orgasms and sexual energy!

While listening to one of my hypnosis audios, I have come for you. Upon shutting off the audio, I reveal my true identity to your entranced mind. My HypnoDomme persona has merely been a tool to lure in horny boys, so that I can drain them of their orgasm and energy… and of course, their soul!

I possess powers that mortal women only dream of, but I need to feed in order to maintain my human appearance and not transform into the winged creature that I truly am.

In The Taking, you will experience my powers as I leave you immobile on the bed below me. You will also feel and sense my seduction while I lure your mind to remain calm as my pussy pumps and suctions the orgasm right out of you… over and over.

When I feel that you have been adequately drained, I will lull you into a deep sleep, where you will remember this experience as only a dream.


This fantasy hypnosis contains the following features:

  • Induction – Interrupted by Succubus
  • Music for ONLY for about 7 minutes of the file – then music stops with story line
  • Fantasy style hypnosis
  • Simulated Orgasm
  • Cum Command:  Yes – within the story line
  • No count up at the end

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