Submission Trigger Training – Not Domme-Specific!

In this hypnotic programming session, Mistress Amethyst will implant a trigger in your subconscious mind. Every time you hear or read it, you will feel incredible docile and submissive to the Dominant of your choice.


Short description:

After this erotic submission trigger training, one word will be enough to make you feel incredibly submissive, aroused and eager to serve YOUR Dominant, whoever it may be. Are you ready to SUBMIT?

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Eager to serve… YOUR Dominant!

This erotic hypnosis will leave you feeling docile, submissive, aroused, and eager to serve… whoever it may be that you serve.

In this deep hypnotic programming, your mind will learn to respond to the word SUBMIT, whether it’s in writing or a verbal command.

This hypnotic recording has been carefully written so that if you should come across the word SUBMIT in a casual setting, it will serve as a reminder of how you ache to be submissive. However, if you are in an erotic setting and your Dominant commands you with the trigger SUBMIT (snap), you will immediately switch into a submissive, docile role, eager to serve, and feeling desperately aroused.

This is the trigger training file. Look for additional, more specific titles in this series soon.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Embeds a trigger word that will leave you feeling aroused and eager to serve the dominant of your choice
  • Conversational style induction with background whisper track
  • Multi left/right voice track programming
  • Layered voice tracks
  • Whisper ASMR-Hypnosis track
  • Delta brainwave technology
  • For submissive males
  • Cum Command
  • Count Up at the end

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