Repeat your mantras and become her panty bitch!

Listen to Mistress Amethyst‘s soothing voice and follow her commands. Repeat your mantras and become weaker and weaker… As you slowly turn into her horny little panty bitch! Completely obsessed with wearing sexy sissy panties.

Mind Fuck Mantra – Panty Bitch

Short description:

In this sissy hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst has a devious plan in mind: Brainwashing you into becoming her horny panty bitch, completely under her control. Feel her taunting brainwashing powers as she mindfucks you to become obsessed with wearing panties.

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What’s a Panty Bitch? – A Sissy who is deeply under my control!

One of my most popular styles of erotic hypnosis is now going to be brainwashing you into becoming my weak, horny, panty bitch! Yum!

Get ready, my pet. I have several mantras that I want you to repeat to help you feel weak, aroused, and ready to become obsessed with wearing panties. As you are being a good little sissy and repeating your mantras, I’ll be taunting and brainwashing you in the background. Feel my control taking over as your will drains away.

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This erotic hypnosis contains the following features:

  • Long, slow induction with a whisper background track
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • SLIP Trigger used at the end of the induction
  • Mantra style with taunting background tracks
  • No count up at the end – File slowly ends with a trail of whisper tracks
  • Audience: Male; General feminization
  • No humiliation

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