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Become an Adult Baby through Erotic Age Regression Hypnosis

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Erotic ABDL Hypnosis for Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers

Erotic Adult Baby & Diaper Lover (AB, DL or ABDL) hypnosis is for any adult with a sexual fetish for role-playing and regression to an infant or baby-like mind state. You love wearing adult baby diapers/nappies and baby clothes? You are longing for your hypnodomme mommy to comfort and care for you in your little crib? Well, get your diaper and your rubber sheets ready. These ABDL hypnosis sessions will be what you’ve been waiting for so long, sweet baby boy.

No matter if you want to enjoy a soothing breastfeeding experience, begin your incontinence training to have a bed wetting accident in your panties on command, or if you would like to become addicted to wearing diapers 24/7 – your adult baby and diaper lover cravings will be satisfied.

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Erotic Hypnosis Product Categories

$25,00 incl. VAT

After getting caught hiding diapers and not telling her about your ABDL fetish, your girlfriend is going to punish you with a spanking session for being such a naughty little boy… Continue reading

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$22,00 incl. VAT

With extensive experience in Age Play & Adult Baby hypnosis, Lady Surrender now has a special treat for all her little boys & girls out there… Listen to this file and become addicted to wearing diapers! Continue reading

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$200,00 incl. VAT

Exclusive Customization – Add an exclusive erotic whisper ASMR track to a purchased recording by Lady Surrender. Feel how She takes control of your mind, from the moment She whispers your name… Continue reading

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$27,00 incl. VAT

Let your Adult Baby Dreams come true! Experience being cradled by your Hypnodomme Mummy’s arms. Feel her soft warm breasts as Lady Surrender is getting ready for you… Latch on to her nipple and suckle on her full breasts. Continue reading

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$30,00 incl. VAT

Listen to Her soft whispers and follow Her instructions. Put your diaper on and begin your effective incontinence training with Lady Surrender, the nurturing mistress mommy of your dreams. Continue reading

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