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Hynpo Lady Tara is Germany’s most famous provider for erotic hypnosis MP3 online. Her website “” has been on the german market for more than four years and offers a large collection of high class hypnosis audio books for any type of sexual desire or fetish. On this page, you can find out more about the person behind this beautiful voice and her award-winning hypnosis.

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How did you get interested in hypnosis? Well, you know, I have been interested in the technique of erotic hypnosis for years now. I have always been fascinated with the results you can get using hypnosis. As a child, I think it was at a birthday party, I saw how a hypnotist got all the guests to bite into a lemon and they really believed it was an apple. At that point I knew, that I had to learn a lot more about hypnosis.
And why the combination of BDSM and hypnosis? Well, you know, BDSM is also something I have been interested in since I hit puberty. I quickly noticed that I was very dominant and that I tremendously enjoyed playing with the male gender. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like men, quite the opposite! A man’s devotion is a gift I eagerly accept. And why shouldn’t I combine two of my greatest passions: Femdom Hypnosis and BDSM?!

What makes you different from all the other hypnodom’s?

Well, first of all, I would never make a file that would go against my ethics. I think it’s just awful that– especially in America – so many people run around calling themselves hypnodom’s and then try to create an addiction to themselves through their files. I simply despise that. I would never say something like “you have to buy more of my hypnotic material” or even suggest anything of this sort. That’s not my style. Devotion is a gift and should never be the result of manipulitation!

Am I right to assume that you feel that many hypnodom’s aren’t very professional?

No no, that’s not quite correct. There are many highly professional doms out there. It’s like this, if someone sells a file that promises to ‘feminise’, then that is exactly what the file should do, no more, no less. It shouldn’t suddenly throw in a suggestion that you have to buy another file or anything else. For example, I am a huge fan of Isabella Valentina, who in my opinion is one of the best English speaking hypnotists that I know.

Are you looking for real hypnotic slaves? Not at the moment. Searching for something that you really want, doesn’t really work. I would rather sit back and enjoy what I’m doing now and just let life happen. Besides, there really isn’t a shortage of potential subs.

Why do you sell erotic hypnosis?

Why do I sell them? Well I am in business to make money, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun at the same time! I do what I love and love what I do – resulting in a healthy combination of work and passion. I highly believe that when you do what you love you can’t go wrong. Think about it. I earn a living selling erotic hypnosis. A musician earns a living with his music – and I am fairly certain that when someone has a passion for music that he sells it too. After all, he’s gotta eat, right?

But isn’t a song a lot cheaper?

Yes (laughing) of course. But let’s be realistic. Of course, our hypnotic files cost more, we put a heck of a lot of work into them too! I write the files together with a good friend. The writing alone takes hours, sometimes even days! We have to come up with ideas, visit the studio, pay the technician, the files have to be cut, the website and servers cost money, and so on… All that takes time! Oh, not to forget the taxes, those have to be paid as well. Besides that, we have rent to pay, utilities and yes, we too need to eat. This is my job and just like everyone else who has a job, we would like to get paid too. Our goal is to get our website out there for everyone to find. And if you think about what people pay for telephone sex sessions, well, then I think our prices are very fair.

Do you run and by yourself?

No, of course not! I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to. Hey I’m no IT geek and by gosh I could never program all this. I have a good friend that covers the technical stuff and keeps everything running smoothly. Then there’s our agency that does an absolute wonderful job converting all our ideas into an elegant website. So, we’re a small team with big dreams. But I have to admit, that I end up doing a big part of the work.

Are you a hypno-dom in real life as well?

First of all, this here is the “real life”! The communication happens to be virtual. If you mean, do I work as a hypno-Domina when I’m not on the internet, then the answer is no. Although, I do live my passion, yet solely at home for myself, keeping everything very personal!

Are you on Facebook?

You might be surprised, but yes, I am. In fact, I am delighted to collect as many likes and followers as possible. You can find me at

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